The Witch and the Saint - Steven Reineke (Original for Concert Band)

Partitura completa da música "The Witch and the Saint" de Steven Reineke para banda sinfônica.
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"The Witch and the Saint by Steven Reineke is a one movement symphonic band piece describing the lives of Helena and Sibylla; twin sisters born in Germany at the end of the 16th century. The piece has five distinct parts and has become a favorite among audiences and bands though the story behind it has been virtually forgotten.
The Witch and the Saint has a running time of 10:22. It is a tone poem, composed in 2004. Overall, it’s an epic piece – anyone listening to it without knowing the story behind it would get the impression of a melancholy story being told through powerful musical phrases."


Adriano Carrijo

Adriano Carrijo, compositor, arranjador e violinista. Para currículo detalhado acesse: Currículo Musical

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